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How do I learn to eat mindfully?

Advice from a few experts

We’ve all heard it said: “It’s easier said than done”. Is this true for you when it comes to eating mindfully? Are you waiting for more clarity, more knowledge or simply some advice on getting unstuck? If so, I recommend taking a look at the following articles for inspiration, motivation, learning and, well, success. The authors share their views on overcoming fear of hunger, looking at weight gain and weight loss patterns as helpful information, becoming clear and committing to begin…now.

As someone who has struggled with weight gain and weight loss in past years and who now successfully counsels and coaches others to become weight-healthy, I found helpful information in all of these articles. Take a peek…listen to your inner voice…and take the next step toward becoming your most wise and vibrant self.

What I Know for Sure About Making Peace With My Body

Think Like a Thin Person

YOU: On a Diet Basics

What Oprah Knows for Sure About Getting Unstuck

A Smart (and Easy!) Way to Curb Emotional Eating

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